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Our hot foil supply comes from the world’s leading foil manufacturers. They have the technology and expertise to produce stunning foils suitable for trade foiling on all common, and most uncommon materials.

Certain types of foils are suited for different substrates but we will always strive to match your requirements.

Matt & Satin Foil

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Security Foils

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Pigment Foil

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Diffraction & Holographic Foil

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Metallic Hot Foil

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Silver & Gold Hot Foil

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Our foil blocking service

Our hot foil blocking facilities provide a comprehensive range of hot foiling services to a large number of large printing and packaging companies across the UK and Ireland.

Foil blocking (or foil printing) is the process of printing aluminium foil effects onto paper or board. We achieve this by using a combination of heat, dwell time and pressure.

Blockfoil understands your demands and requirements - which helps us ensure that jobs we deliver are to the exacting quality standards required, and of course, delivered back in time for the intended deadline.

We can cater to a range of different size jobs - be it business card size or large format B1. Our knowledge helps create hundreds of thousands of branded cartons, pharmaceutical packaging and food or drink cartons each year.

Silver foil on food packaging

*We are able to provide a sample of your chosen foil blocking colour before job commencement if required.

the essentials

The six things you need to get started...

You'll need a die of the image to be hot foiled.

A roll of foil in the colour will need to be applied*

The substrate – as a flat sheet

A foil printing press to apply the image

A dedicated machine operator

Make ready materials and hot foiling consumables


The benefits of block foiling

A bright metallic reflective finish, bringing print to life.

Many designers have heard of foil blocking but the potential is often unrecognised due to unfamiliarity. At Blockfoil, we strive to open people's eyes to the huge range of different possibilities available using foil.

Enhances a printed product lifting the appearance to a new level.

A common misconception with foil blocking is that the costs are prohibitive. But this couldn't be further from the truth. Working with our team of experts, it's normally possible to find a solution to suit any budget.

The best way to separate your product from the crowd.

In today’s crowded marketplace the importance of creating a memorable image is paramount. A potential customer’s first impression is of extreme importance and a carefully designed print using vibrant foil colours will grab the customer’s attention.

Establishes premium brand positioning.

The strategic decision to add foil to your product is an important one. A rich, metallic finish gives a perceived added value to the product which is proven to arouse the interest of a potential customer.

Foil offers brand protection and creates trust.

Buying a particular product has a lot to do with confidence in the brand. The addition of foil blocking assures the customer of its quality and authenticity.

Foil is visually attractive and sells more.

When used effectively foil increases visibility in the retail environment. Not only will the product leap out at you from a visual perspective it stimulates the urge to ‘touch and feel’ the product. Encouraging the customer to ‘engage’ with your product is an essential part of ‘making the sale’.

blockfoil-iso-9001 (1)
ISO 9001 Accreditted

Blockfoil is proud to have held ISO 9001 certification since 1993, and it has covered all branches since 1999.

ISO 9001 shows that we meet the expected criteria for quality assurance.

It is a worldwide standard that specifies requirements for a Quality Management System (QMS). Companies showing the ISO 9001 logo must show the ability to provide a product and service that meets customers needs.

- We have an in-house die design and production team.
This means the production of dies can start straight away.

- Over 35 years of expertise.
We keep you informed during the whole process of the project.

- In-house servicing engineer.
For significantly less machine downtime.


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