What is Embossing? Embossing is the process whereby an image is raised on the substrate to create a three-dimensional effect. Combining embossing with foil can create a stunning and visually appealing print.

How to emboss? There are three factors that need to be considered during the embossing process:

  • Pressure – the pressure of the embossed image on the substrate. Too little or too much pressure can create an inferior finish.
  • Heat – the level of heat for the best impression should remain consistent throughout the process.
  • Die Depth – Our in-house die studio can determine the die depth from the initial artwork. Deep etched dies are sometimes needed on certain paper stock to achieve a more detailed blind emboss.

Blockfoil’s three factories provide the complete range of services to a large amount of large printing and packaging companies in the UK. As well as smaller users such as greetings cards makers, craft companies and commercial printers.

Our dies are all produced in-house and we can achieve decorative finishes or classy blind embossing and debossing effects. See more about this below.

Not after the finished product but still need a die? Get in touch with our in-house die making studio here.

Due to our vast experience and modern facilities we are able to produce embossing and debossing dies of the highest standard. Our dies are all produced in-house, therefore, removing the need have the dies shipped to us before job commencement.

Furthermore, we can produce single level embossed dies, single level debossed dies or multi-level textured dies. We can also make a rigid or flexible counterforce, if necessary, to further increase the quality of the final image.

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