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Foil blocking FAQ’s

What is foil blocking?

Foil blocking is the process whereby metallic foil or pigment foil is transferred from a foil roll onto a substrate. To do this you need a hot foil stamping machine and a foiling die. The process is achieved using heat, pressure and dwell time.

Does hot foil transfer onto every material?

Generally speaking there is a foil out there for every material. The grade of foil being used will depend on what material is being foiled onto. If you are unsure what foil can be used on your material please get in touch. It should also be noted that the colour of the substrate being foiled onto can affect which foil should be used.

What is make-ready and how is it used?

The right make-ready greatly assists in the quality of the finished foiling job. Make-ready consists of a broad range of items; high temperature tapes, presspahn, epoxy glass board, spray, blankets and foam to name a few. For the full range of make-ready consumables see our associated partner Profoil Systems.

Which press will be used?

The machine used for each foil printing job will depend on several aspects. These include the paper size, the substrate, sheet quantity, foil coverage and how fine the print detail is.

What is dwell time?

The longer the dwell time the more foil will be transferred onto the substrate. Solid areas generally require more dwell to finer areas.

Is hot foil printing bad for the environment?

No! foil has no visible effects in slowing down the rate of BIO-DEGRADATION of the paper or board, which means foiled print is also COMPOSTABLE. Foil can also be successfully removed during the flotation de-inking process used in the PULPING process therefore it is as PULPABLE as the ink on the substrate. Finally, foiled print is of course RECYCLEABLE meaning it can be re-purposed and used again.

Which die material should I choose?

At the end of the day, it is up to the client but we can point you in the right direction. Magnesium, brass and copper all have different characteristics that might benefit or hinder your foiled image.


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