Security Foiling

Security Foiling are world leading experts in foil and hologram security.

Founded in 1991 and part of the Blockfoil group of companies. Security Foiling supply everything needed to provide a finished solution. From hologram design and supply, as well as all the equipment and supplies needed to apply a hologram to a security document.

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MicroPOISE MK3 - Security Foiling

The MicroPOISE MK3 is a smart hologram hot stamping system.

It allows the end user to record the details from the document, the hologram and the issuing officer and combine this together to offer an accurate method of validation. For this reason, this ensures that any document secured using MK3 has a very high level of protection from forgery and alteration.

MicroPOISE Auto-Card Feeder Pro

MicroPoise Auto-card Feeder

MicroPOISE Auto Card-Feeder Pro is the perfect solution to add features to PVC cards.

Adding value to your card solution. Security features personalised to your customer, add value, and at the same time, increase customer retention. Low set-up and equally low running costs ensure you remain competitive.


DUOGRAM - Security Foiling

DUOGRAM HD is Security Foiling’s flagship optical technology. DUOGRAM HD is a hot foiling feature which offers unique holographic effects. In addition, there are no hologram creation costs.

Furthermore, it is easy to apply to paper, plastic card, Teslin and other synthetic stock.

DUOGRAM HD has two colour options; silver and gold. Both options work in harmony with Datafoil to provide you with a secure, bespoke product.


Hologram Security Printing

You can see holograms on many items ranging from bank cards and clothing, to entry visas and certificates. Holograms change colour and brightness of specific areas when viewed from different angles. This gives the impression of movement and image “flip”.

The hologram protects companies from counterfeiting.

There are 3 hologram formats; Dot Matrix, 2D/3D Laser and Electron Beam. Electron Beam produces the highest level of security and is impossible to copy.