How Expensive is Foil Blocking?

How Expensive is Foil Blocking?

How expensive is foil blocking? First things first, adding hot foil effects to your printing and packaging isn’t about the price of the end product.

Foil and embossing will improves the look and feel of the product to make it appear ‘luxury’, and will sell more at retail level.

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As foil becomes more popular amongst print finishing companies, more foil and die manufacturers pop up. That means the bottom line cost of hot foiling dies decreases for hot foil users.

It’s possible to find a foiling solution to suit any budget.

What costs are you considering when requesting pricing for a foil blocking service?

Hot foil

As explained above you can source a large roll of hot foil at a great price due to added competition. Your final price depends on the foiling area of the printed substrate – foil usage, and how much wasted foil there is.  The sheet thickness and size is also important as it will effect which foiling press gets used.

Foil Rolls All Recycled
Foiling die

The main cost saving when choosing a die is picking the correct metal for the job. For example, magnesium dies are less expensive than copper dies but can only get used once (or maybe twice). Copper and brass will store for much longer and can see usage time and time again. There’s no point choosing a cooper die for a one-off, simple foiling job of 1000 sheets.

Brass foil blocking die
Printing service

Every foil blocking company has their own rates so it’s important to pick the right one. But this is a situation where the cheapest won’t be the best. Make sure to pick a prestigious company with plenty of experience and the right foiling equipment. Some foil blockers are large and mainly deal with packaging, whilst others might be specialists in business cards or flyers. Some (like Blockfoil) can do it all.

MK1060ST Foil Blocking Machine

Make-ready is another example of making sure you pick the right company. An experienced machine operator can save costs over a less-experienced operator with a more efficient make-ready time. And make-ready falls into the same category as hot foil, meaning, as competition increases prices fall.

Heated Bed Cylinder Press

Blockfoil always pass on decreases in costs to the customer. With an internal die making team, consumables division and in-house servicing engineer not only do our costs stay low we have the right people on hand to speed things along.