Hot Foil Types

Our supply of hot foil is from the world’s leading foil manufacturers. Which means they have the technology and expertise to manufacture foils suitable for trade foiling on many common materials.

Our range of hot foil types include (but isn’t limited to):

Gold and silver foils
Gold and Silver Hot Foil

We stock an amazing range of gold and silver colours from light and bright to warm and rich shades. In fact, no matter what your gold or silver foil requirements are we can match it.

Our gold and silver foils are suitable for hot foiling as well as embossed stamping.

Metallic colours
Metallic Hot Foil Colours

An incredible range of colours covering the whole spectrum can be sourced.

Metallic coloured foil has very good relief embossing properties. It can be over-printed and has excellent adhesion, hence, it is suitable on all types of pressure sensitive materials.

Matt and satin colours
Matt Satin Hot Foil

Ideal where a specific colour is important but a more subtle finish is needed.

We stock various matt and satin colour options. Therefore, please get in touch for a colour list.

Clear foils
Clear Hot Foil

Clear foils are very popular for highlighting aspects of print with sharp definition – a stylish alternative to Spot UV. Holotrans foils offer exciting see through images in the foil itself.

Great suitability for embossing and textured hot foil stamping.

Holographic foils
Holographic Hot Foil

Holographic technology offers amazing image possibilities with effects from stars to shards and bubbles to pillars with a variety of colours too.

Good suitability for embossing or textured foil designs. Very high gloss.

Pigment foils
Pigment Hot Foil

The range of pigment foils offer opportunities to produce a classy, non-metallic print.

We have various shades in stock so please contact us for the full list.

If you’re looking for something not listed above please feel free to get in contact with your nearest Blockfoil office.