Hot Foil Blocking Carries Superb Environmental Credentials

24th August 2017

Hot Foil Blocking Carries Superb Environmental Credentials

Believe it not, Aluminium is the most abundant element in the earth’s crust and is well tolerated by plants and animals, so you’ll be pleased to know that the metallic finishes created by Blockfoil use Aluminium Foil only. Read below to find out what else makes hot foil environmentally friendly.

The FSEA (Foil & Specialty Effects Association) publish an annual Pira Report, that confirms foil blocked print is ‘pulpable’ which is the best way to recycle paper. It is also ‘compostable’.Is Foil Blocking Environmentally Friendly?

The benefits of using hot foil are:

  • hot foil minimises waste, with only the minimum foil needed to be applied
  • All foil waste can be recycled
  • No unrecycled polyester on the finished product
  • All hot foil metal is Aluminium
  • Blockfoil holds sufficient ISO 14001 certification

You can read more about foil blocking’s superb environmental credentials here. Or you can request a Blockfoil brochure (including the environmental flyer) here.