Foil Types

Our hot foil supply comes from the world’s leading foil manufacturers. They have the technology and expertise to produce stunning foils suitable for trade foiling on all common, and most uncommon materials.

Certain types of foils are suited for different substrates but we will always strive to match your requirements.

Here is a list of standard types of foil we keep in stock:

Gloss Magenta Hot Foil

Other Metallic Colours

White Gloss Hot Foil

Gloss White

Holotrans Glitter Hot Foil


Wallpaper Hologram Hot Foil

Wallpaper Hologram

If you are looking for a hot foil type not listed above, or specific hot foil colours not shown please don’t hesitate to get in contact with your nearest Blockfoil office. There’s a good chance we will either have your requested foil or we can easily source it.