Artwork Requirements

Please refer to the bullet points below for our foiling artwork requirements for the work itself and the die:

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Foiling Artwork Requirements

  • Always provide us with a file containing the layout with registration marks
  • Please include the printable area within a separate file or layer to the foiling areas
  • The files must be 100% sized and preferable a.pdf, vector file or Illustrator file
  • Please specify the foil shade and substrate at this stage

Die Artwork

  • Allow 10mm all around the image to allow for die fixing and metal wastage during cutting
  • Files must be .pdf, vector files, Illustrator files, and at least 1,200dpi. We charge accordingly for artwork modifications
  • If using file extensions please name them
  • If using Illustrator files convert all fonts to outline or supply with attached screen fonts
  • Check all graphics are hi-resolution
  • Don’t supply images in greyscale, CMYK or RGB. Black and white only.
  • We make dies to the size of the artwork supplied unless otherwise stated
  • If your artwork is correctly formatted it should be under 2MB. We cannot accept .jpg files
  • All orders are subject to our terms and conditions

If you’ve got any questions regarding the sending of artwork please don’t hesitate to get in contact.