Clear Foil

We stock an excellent, cost-effective alternative to Spot UV, simply called Clear foil (or transparent foil). See through foil can be used to highlight a specific area of print to make it stand out from the page.

What are the benefits of using transparent foil, compared to spot UV?

  • Cost-effective alternative to Spot UV
  • Foiling dies can be used time and time again
  • Offers excellent clarity
  • Gives an equally stunning finish to Spot UV
  • Unlike Spot UV, clear foil works perfectly on uncoated stock
  • Available in high gloss and matt finish

Problems have arisen in the past when using Spot UV on UNCOATED stock, whereby ‘cracking’ can take place. Our clear foil is the perfect solution for this. Another issue with Spot UV is how brittle is can become over folds or creases on a page. The only way to cure this is to laminate the whole substrate first – which becomes an added cost.

Are you looking to buy a roll of clear foil for use yourself? Then check out our trade partner in consumables Profoil Systems.

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