Blockfoil Plant List

It’s a common misconception that Blockfoil only accepts large format work. This is of course not true and with our extensive range of large format and small format machinery we can take on any challenge. No job is too big or too small.

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Platens / Flat Bed
Foil Blocking Press - MK1060ST - Blockfoil

On a platen foil blocking machine the dies are mounted on a heated bed plate. The substrate is fed along the feeder table and enters the stamping station. This is where it comes into contact with the die and foil thus leaving an impression.

Bobst 1260 Foilmaster x 2

MK 1060ST B1 x 5

B1 (other) x 1

B2 x 1

SRA3 x 4

Close Up of a Cylinder Hot Foiling Machine

A cylinder foil blocking machine includes a large rotating print cylinder in constant motion. The hot stamping die is mounted on the heated print bed and enters and exits the underside of the cylinder as part of a cycle, with the foil and the print substrate in between. Upon each entry under the cylinder an impression is left on the substrate.

B1 x 6

SRA1 x 4

B2 x 4

B3 x 1

Hand Fed Platens
Heidelberg GTP - Blockfoil

With a hand-fed platen the die is mounted on the heated plate and the substrate is individually fed into onto the underside of the plate by hand. As the foil passes over the die an impression is left on the substrate.

B1 x 1

B2 x 1

Hologram Application
Hologram Printing Unit

Holographic printing can be performed on certain foiling machines in a similar way to standard foil printing.

B1 x 2

B2 x 1

SRA3 x 1

Continuous Stationery Foiling

A Continuous Stationery Foiling Machine can generate speeds of 10,000 impressions per hour. The die is attached to a heated bed plate and much in the same way as other foiling machines the foil is fed through the machine leaving an impression on continuous paper.

CSF x 1

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