Foil Blocking

Our three hot foil blocking facilities provide the most comprehensive range of hot foiling services to many of the large printing and packaging companies in the UK and Ireland.

What is hot foil blocking and how do I get started?
Foil blocking (or foil printing) is the process of printing aluminium foil effects onto paper or board. We achieve this by using a combination of heat, dwell time and pressure.

Six essentials you need to get started:

  1. A die of the image to be hot foiled (see more about different die types here)
  2. A roll of foil in the colour to be applied* (see hot foil types here)
  3. The substrate – as a flat sheet
  4. A foil printing press to apply the image
  5. A dedicated machine operator
  6. Make ready materials and hot foiling consumables (available at

We have a wide range of print finishing machinery spread across three sites and operated by a very experienced and dedicated workforce. We understand the demands of our customers and this helps us ensure that jobs we deliver are to the exacting quality standards required, and of course, delivered back in time for the intended deadline.

No foiling job is too large or too small, be it business card size or large format B1. Our knowledge helps create hundreds of thousands of branded cartons, pharmaceutical packaging and food or drink cartons each year.

*We are able to provide a sample of your chosen foil blocking colour before job commencement if required.

What are the benefits of using Blocking for your foil printing requirements?

We are in the UK with offices in Ipswich, Manchester and Nottingham but we use an extensive range of couriers enabling us to reach from the northern reaches of Scotland, throughout the UK, all over London, and down to the western most point of Cornwall.

All members of the Blockfoil Group take great pride in our reputation.

“For us, it is not a job…it is a way of life”

Take a look at some of our prestigious foiling projects in our gallery

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