Foil Blocking or Hot Foiling

Foil Blocking or Hot Foiling

There can be a bit of confusion about what to call the process of printing foil onto a substrate so this might clear a few things up.

Foil blocking, hot foiling, hot foil stamping, hot stamping and hot foil printing are all words used to explain the same process. To be honest they all mean exactly the same thing but are relevant to different regions of the world.

Foil blocking is the term used in the UK and goes a long way to explain the name of Blockfoil.

Hot foiling is an alternative name in the UK to differentiate between hot foiling and cold foiling (which is a different process).

Hot foil stamping and hot stamping services are big in Australia, Canada and the United States of America. Foil stamping is starting to be used a bit more in the UK now.

So to sum it up, in the UK we say foil blocking or hot foiling. Blockfoil choose foil blocking.

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