Magnesium Dies

Magnesium Dies for Foil Blocking and Embossing

We produce our dies for the foil blocking or hot stamping industry to the highest standard. The in-house die making studio has modern facilities and skilled staff to create top quality magnesium foil blocking dies. Always subject to strict quality control and to meet all deadlines.

The benefit of a magnesium die includes (but is not limited to):

  • Ideal for producing exquisite images
  • Short to medium run
  • Perfect for adding an embossed or textured finish to a printing job
  • Lightweight

As standard we etch or CNC magnesium foil blocking dies to 1.2mm. However, deeper finishes are available upon request but it depends on the substrate that requires foiling.

Furthermore, we can make flexible or ridged counter forces to achieve a superior emboss.

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