Fluted Foiling Dies

Fluted Foiling Dies – Brass and Magnesium

Fluted foiling dies are produced in either brass or magnesium. They need to be produced to the highest standard and the staff at Blockfoil are skilled and experienced in their production.

Fluted foil dies are otherwise known as combination dies. They are required for foiling and embossing in one pass. This could also involve creating a hard or soft counterforce if required.

Our production unit includes all the modern facilities to create top quality brass or magnesium fluted foiling dies.

By and large the benefits of Brass or Magnesium fluted dies include:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Good heat retention and transfer
  • Allows foiling and embossing in one pass
  • Supplied together with a counter force (if required)

We manufacture our fluted dies in-house using CNC machines with a top bed size of 1000mm x 700mm. As standard the die is etched to 1.2mm but deeper finishes are available on request. It generally depends on the substrate that is being hot foiled or embossed onto.

For more information on our fluted dies please don’t hesitate to contact your local Blockfoil office.