Embossing Dies

Embossing Dies

Our embossing dies are produced in-house to the highest standard. Due to our vast experience and modern facilities, we are able to make dies for embossing and debossing to exact specifications. Always subject to strict quality control and to meet all deadlines.

We etch or CNC dies to 1.2mm as standard. Customers might want a deeper finish depending on the substrate they will emboss onto, therefore we are happy to oblige.

Furthermore, we can offer single level embossing, single level debossing or multi-level textured dies. At the same time, a hard or flexible counterforce can be provided (if required).

Dies for embossing can be ordered in the following gauges:

  • 7mm
  • Quarter inch (6.35mm)
  • 5mm
  • 3mm
  • 16 gauge (1.6mm)

In addition to our embossing dies, please don’t forget about the range of magnesium, copper and brass foiling dies we offer.

For more information on our in-house embossing dies click here.