Copper Dies

Copper Dies for Foil Blocking and Embossing

We have vast experience producing copper foil blocking dies. We have all the modern facilities and experienced staff to create top quality foil stamping dies.

Recent trends mean copper foiling & embossing dies are becoming harder to obtain but thankfully we’ve bucked the trend as copper holds many advantages over its less durable counterparts:

  • Copper is very durable
  • Ideal for achieving close up, intricate detail (more so than other metals)
  • Copper is ideal for adding an embossed, textured finish to a job
  • More consistent register precision due to its greater heat retention
  • Long lasting. Copper can withstand over 1 million impressions

As standard we etch copper to 1.2mm but deeper finishes are available on request. It depends on the substrate being foiled onto.

Copper dies are also ideal for the production of security dies. Securigrafix dies offer a less limited security feature compared to holograms so can be utilised in low volume applications such as cheques, tax vouchers, ID cards, certificates and tickets.

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