Brass Dies

Brass Dies for Foil Blocking

We produce our brass dies to the highest standard. The experienced staff and modern equipment at Blockfoil help us produce top quality dies for foil blocking and hot stamping.

Our manufacturing unit includes all the modern facilities to create top quality brass hot foil stamping dies.

The benefits of Brass foiling dies include (but is not limited to):

  • Friendly to the environment
  • Excellent heat retention and transfer
  • Good hardness, making it ideal for long run print jobs
  • Extremely sharp, straight shoulders and a high definition finish
  • Good for all foil stamping applications
  • Ideal for flat foil and reversal dies

We manufacture our brass dies in-house using CNC machines with a maximum bed capacity of 1000mm x 700mm. As standard, we CNC dies to 1.2mm although deeper finishes can be made depending on the substrate being foiled onto.

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