The Advantages of Using Foil

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Reasons to Foil - Bring print to life

Many designers have heard of foil blocking but the potential is often unrecognised due to unfamiliarity.

At Blockfoil we strive to open people’s eyes to the huge range of different possibilities available using foil.

Take a look at our gallery to see the vast amount of ‘possibilities’ Blockfoil have created.

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Foil enhances a printed product

A common misconception with foil blocking is that the costs are prohibitive. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Working with our team of experts it is normally possible to find a solution to suit any budget.

You can speak to a foil blocking expert by calling your local office. They will always be willing to help.

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Foil separates your product from the crowd

In today’s crowded marketplace the importance of creating a memorable image is paramount.

A potential customer’s first impression is of extreme importance and a carefully designed print using vibrant foil colours will grab the customer’s attention.

You’ll be pleased to know too that hot foil blocking is good for the environment.

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Foil establishes premium brand positioning

The strategic decision to add hot foil to your product is an important one.

A rich, metallic finish gives a perceived added value to the product which is proven to arouse the interest of a potential customer.

See what types of hot foil are available here.

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Foil offers brand protection

Buying a particular product has a lot to do with confidence in the brand.

The addition of foil blocking assures the customer of its quality and authenticity.

We have an internal security division on hand to help with any branding or authenticity questions.

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Foil sells more

When used effectively foil increases visibility in the retail environment. Not only will the product leap out at you from a visual perspective it stimulates the urge to ‘touch and feel’ the product.

Encouraging the customer to ‘engage’ with your product is an essential part of ‘making the sale’.

You can see a selection of some brands that have used Blockfoil in our ‘Brands Video’ here.

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Foil blocking is not a dark art

The experts at Blockfoil will not only guide you in how best to use foil, but will give you an overview of the foil blocking process, if requested, to enable you to speak with confidence to your clients about the process in future.