Embossing is the process whereby we raise an image on a substrate to create a 3D effect. Combining an emboss with foil can create a stunning and appealing print finish.
How do we emboss?

There are four factors to consider during the embossing process:

  • Pressure – the pressure of the die image against the substrate. Too little or too much pressure can create an inferior finish, or even ‘push through’ the substrate.
  • Heat – the heat level should remain the same throughout the process to leave the best impression.
  • Die Depth – our in-house die studio can determine the die depth from the initial artwork. Deeper etched dies are required on certain paper stock to achieve a more detailed and attractive finish.
  • Paper choice – your choice of paper or board is important for the blind embossing process. Smooth material can be difficult, as can bright white – our representatives will be able to guide you on paper choice.
What are the different embossing techniques?
  • Blind embossing – a blind emboss creates a textured, three-dimensional finish on print, using a male die, a female die and pressure. A blind emboss can be a single-level or multi-level finish.
  • Debossing – uses the same technique as a blind emboss. Instead of the finished effect jumping out from the paper (or board) it depresses into the material.
  • Foil embossing – using a fluted die we can foil and emboss in a single pass. This saves make-ready time and will help create a stunning foiled and embossed finish.

The three Blockfoil trade foiling sites provide the complete range of embossing services for a large number of printing and packaging companies in the UK. As well as smaller users, such as greetings cards makers, craft companies, leather goods manufacturers and commercial printers.

A few examples of work is shown below but there are plenty more to see in our embossing photo gallery.

What else can we do for you?

Due to our vast experience and modern facilities, we are able to produce stunning raised and textured dies to the highest standard. All our embossing dies are produced in-house, therefore, removing valuable time before the job commences.

Furthermore, we can produce rigid or flexible counterforces to give a consistent registration every time.

Based in the UK with branches in Ipswich, Manchester and Nottingham, Blockfoil use an extensive range of couriers enabling us to reach from the northern reaches of Scotland, throughout England, London, and down to the western most point of Cornwall.

If you are looking for just a die and not an embossing service then please get in touch with our in-house die making studio.

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