Built on the latest security printing technology, BRANDSURE helps protect branded packaging from forgery or copying. Thus giving instant visual authentication.

What does BRANDSURE deliver:

  • Security hologram features with Blockfoil’s bespoke creation
  • Personalisation of the secure image with a brand logo, date, event etc
  • Authentication with the naked eye
  • Forensic security features
  • Multiple viewing angles
  • Cost-effective, genuine brand protection

This secure process is very impressive to see live and the photos below do not do it justice. A copy of the BRANDSURE insert is in the Blockfoil brochure and you can request a copy of the brochure here.

BRANDSURE - Vertical Tilt holographics on

With the hologram on a vertical tilt you will see the hologram.

Security Printing - Holographics off with micro embossing

A full micro embossing view with hologram off.

Security Printing - Vertical Tilt Upside Down

A standard flat view of the hologram.

BRANDSURE - Forensic security features

A horizontal tilt showing the forensic security features.