Hot Foil Stamping Business Cards

Blockfoil has been hot foil stamping business cards for over 35 years. More companies are opting to foil print business cards to increase the visual impression when first approaching a new client.

Embossing vs Debossing

Embossing vs debossing. Which one to choose for your next creative packaging design? Both are a great addition to any print or packaging project but if your client has a preference and you’re not sure then read this Blockfoil guide

Transparent Foil

Blockfoil stock a range of transparent foil for use on common and uncommon substrates. It is an excellent, cost-effective replacement for Spot UV.

Foil Stamping Book Covers

Blockfoil has a long history of hot foil stamping and embossing book covers. From everyday fiction through to learning materials and even bibles, we’ve done it all.

Blockfoil at Packaging Innovations Birmingham

Blockfoil will once again be exhibiting at Packaging Innovations in Birmingham in February.

How Expensive is Foil Blocking?

How expensive is foil blocking? First things first, adding hot foil effects to your printing and packaging isn’t about the price of the end product.

Foil Blocking or Hot Foiling

There can be a bit of confusion about what to call the process of printing foil onto a substrate so this might clear a few things up.

Hot Foiling or Cold Foiling

There’s much debate over whether the greatest benefits come from hot foiling or cold foiling. At Blockfoil we’re biased but hopefully this page can help make your mind up for you.

Enhance Your Print & Packaging with Effects

As much as we love it, print finishing shouldn’t be about flat foiling only. That’s why we’ve got many foil effects available to improve the look and feel of your print and packaging. But what are they?

Not Just About Foiled Packaging!

It’s widely known within the UK print industry that Blockfoil is a leader when it comes to foiled packaging. Or adding hot foiling onto branded and pharmaceutical packaging. Not so well known though is that we can also foil a wide array of smaller items.

Packaging Innovations 2018

Once again Blockfoil exhibited at Packaging Innovations in Birmingham on February 28th and March 1st. Find out how we managed to stay standing under adverse weather conditions.

Blockfoil Obtain Zero 2 Landfill Accreditation

Blockfoil has recently received Zero Foil 2 Landfill certification. The accreditation comes from BPIF Labels and Prismm Environmental.

Read what that means for Blockfoil and our customers.

Hot Foil Blocking Carries Superb Environmental Credentials

Aluminium is the most abundant element in the earth’s crust and is well accepted by plants and animals. You’ll be happy to know that the metallic finishes created by Blockfoil use Aluminium Foil only. Read below to find out what else makes hot foil environmentally friendly.

Trade Foilers since 1981

Blockfoil have been trade foilers since 1981. Our sites in Ipswich, Manchester and Nottingham have a huge array of foiling presses. Find out which machines and what they foil.

We are pleased to launch 2 new inserts for inclusion in our brochure

We’ve released 2 new inserts for inclusion in our brochure. Have you got them yet?