Blockfoil conquer Snowdon!

Blockfoil conquer Snowdon!

On Monday 15th June 2015 Blockfoil employees set off for the peak of Mount Snowdon in their attempt to conquer the highest mountain in Wales.

The intrepid group that included; Alan Hutchings, Barry Corbett, Ben Hazelton, Brian McAllister, Chris Mulcock, Craig Simpson, Donna Hawes, Kevin Bloomfield, Mark Filby, Matt Ash, Mick Castleton, Paul Makin, Peter Starling, Richard Ivatt and Vic Britton set off up the Pig Track soon after breakfast and despite suffering several injuries and bouts of acrophobia reached the top in time for lunch.

Mount Snowdon, standing at 1,085m above sea level is the highest mountain in the UK outside of Scotland and has various paths to the top depending on hiking and climbing experience. The Pig Track is considered one of the tougher than average routes.

Generally the temperature at the peak in June can drop to below 5°C but The Blockfoil employees caught it on a good day and once the cloud cleared some incredible views were experienced in all directions.

The hike lasted over 7 hours and despite the blisters, bad knees and bug bites the whole party made it back to the hotel in one piece for dinner.

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